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Event Cache MAGC Germany Event 4 - Schwetzingen 
An Event  cache by hzoi       Event Date: 1/31/2009    
Size: Size: Other (Other)      Difficulty: 1.5 out of 5      Terrain: 1 out of 5 (1 is easiest, 5 is hardest) 
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N 49° 23.070 E 008° 34.350  [Other Conversions]
UTM: 32U E 468973 N 5470288 
NW NW 8605.4km from your home coordinates 
In Hessen, Germany

This is the fourth event cache for the German chapter of the Military Association of Geocachers! Come on by, meet or revisit some friends, and if you like, perhaps do some caching as well!

The fourth MAGC Germany event will be at the Schwetzinger Brauhaus zum Ritter, in the Ritterstube.

Start time: 1400*
Schwetzinger Brauhaus zum Ritter
Schlossplatz 1
68723 Schwetzingen
(0)6202 924950

*'round two-ish

Although the main purpose behind the cache is to get MAGC members together, this cache is open to other geocachers as well. And if you have a military connection, this could be the perfect time to join us!

This will not be a large event. The Ritterstube seats 50. If you are able to attend, please let me know how many seats your team will need. Along the same line, if I am saving you a seat and you have to cancel, please let me know so I can give your seat to someone else.

Public transporation is available; the Schwetzingen train station is a short walk away. Please come out and join us, have a beer (or beverage of your choice), and enjoy the afternoon!


The Military Association of Geocachers

Total seats reserved: 50

Cachers attending:

hzoi - 2
Big-Red-One - 1
Germaricans - 5
golfpro - 1
Team_BoIPS - 2
hooteroc - 1
Wolfpack00 - 2
rjuni0rc83 - 2
kadett11 - 1

Total: 17

Dropped off 1/14/2009 Germaricans placed it in MAGC Germany Event 4 - Schwetzingen Hessen 8844.8km 
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Grab it (not from a cache) 1/8/2009 Germaricans grabbed it   [visit log]
from South Korea to Germany courtesy of the New Yorker :-)
Let's see where we´ll drop you off, poor thing is still suffering from jetlag..Very nice coin!!!
Retrieve it from a cache 11/18/2008 New Yorker retrieved it from Colorful Daegu 2008 South Korea 1.1km 
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Going to travel Iraq!

사실 내가 알레스카! 알레스카! 했는데 뉴요커 아저씨가 이라크라고 써놨다. ㄷㄷㄷ
하여간 독일로 가게 됬넹. 으하하 처음으로 한국에서 외국으로 떠난 나의 트레블이다. 
(일본에 심어서 일본에 있는놈 빼고! 한번 한국에 왔다 갔지만 -_-;)


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