Hamagun TRV

Ice Ice Baby462760

Travel Bug Dog TagOwner: TxBigfoot
Released: Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Origin: Texas, United States
Use TBG9N0 to reference this item.

Recently Spotted: In Elmo

Current GOAL: My goal is to go North during the ice hockey season and visit as many hockey games as possible, then return South for the Summer. You are welcome to take me off my leash so I can get in a hockey game. The rougher the better. Pro, semi pro, ameteur, practice. It all counts. Please take as many picts with me as possible. My local team is the Austin Ice Bats. Maybe I might even make it to the Stanley Cup. Please return me to my owner after the ice melts.

카피와 원본이 같이 돌아다니던 TB.

한국에서 엄청나게 박혀서 안빠져 나가던 녀석인데, 일전에 핀란드 아저씨한테 부탁해서 제발좀 유럽으로 가져달라고 했더니

잽싸게 날려보내주었다. 이젠 거기 가서 잘살어.

Dropped Off 4/7/2010 juhanili placed Ice Ice Baby462760 in Elmo Finland 8201.8km 
Visit Log
I got permission from the owner to drop this version forward. It is now in a cache dedicated to the greatest athlete of all times, Elmo. Read more about him from (visit link) . Elmo was also a great hockey player that was the key player when Finland won Cananda in Andies wintergames 
Write note 4/3/2010 juhanili posted a note for Ice Ice Baby462760 Finland   Visit Log
Read the logs thru now back at home in Finland. There are definetly two copies of this TB circulating in different parts of the globe. Owner should give decision which one is the right to continue and ask the holder of the other one to stop forwarding that copy. Sent a mail to owner about this and waiting for the decision before 

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