Hamagun TRV

Event Cache WWFM V - Daegu
An Event  cache by MAGC Korea Chapter
      Event Date: 5/2/2009   
Size: Size: Other (Other)      Difficulty: 1.5 out of 5      Terrain: 1.5 out of 5 (1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)

N 35° 52.646 E 128° 37.665  [Other Conversions]
UTM: 52S E 466398 N 3970418
SE SE 239.1km from your home coordinates
In South Korea

5/2 은 World wide Flash Mob V를 대구에서 진행합니다.
(월드 와이드 플래쉬 몹 - 동세계 동시간대에 일정장소에서 동시간대 어떠한 자세로 얼음! 상태로 있는 신종 놀이)
하단은 본문입니다.

The World Wide Flash Mob Caching Event. WWFM V. May 2, 2009 Summary: The Basic Idea: A "Flash Mob" Gathering of Geocachers. Only 15 minutes long! You MUST be present and sign a log sheet DURING this time to claim the event. Please BYOP! (Bring your own pen)

The World Wide Flash Mob Event: Dozens of events all around the world, coordinated to happen at the same time to bring together geocachers and introduce others (newbies) to the geocaching.

You're heard of MEGA-EVENTS? This is quite the opposite in a variety of ways. FLASH MOBS have gathered for other reasons (visit link) Come be part of this historic event!

The event will last EXACTLY 15 minutes, not one second longer.

The event will begin precisely at 10:00 am on May 2, 2009. The event will be held at Dongdaegu Train Station area. This is in an open public space. The event will be highly organized and facilitated by volunteers. A minute by minute itinerary will be posted. We will also have printed copies of this ultra-precise itinerary distributed at the event.

The Plan

At exactly 10:00am (as determined by the GPS clock) we will place a container full of nice, new swag at the coordinates. We will play some pleasant, upbeat music at the site just to maybe attract more attention. At this point, all geocachers will converge, seeming to come out of "nowhere". **grin**

One volunteer will hand out "log sheets" / raffle entries (same sheet). Participants will sign the log sheets (which will later become a log book), to qualify for attendance and drop them in a designated collection box. Bring a pen. Participants may trade swag via the swag bucket at any time. We encourage you to bring nice swag to trade.
If any muggles are curious about the event we will have a volunteer hand out fliers that explain geocaching. I may also need some help explaining things as I do not speak Korean.

At a designated time, we will toss out Hershey Kisses to all attendance for the event "meal".
At a designated time, we will take a group photo.
At a designated time, we will call out the raffle winners. One of the raffle items will be the FTF honors certificate.

At precisely 10:15 the bucket, and the log sheets will be packed up and sealed away. The event area will be vacated without a trace!!! Events that happen after 10:15:01 do not count as part of THIS event.

Only those participants whose names appear on the log sheets may log the event.

Tell your friends and help promote the event!

Suggestion: COME EARLY TO FIND PARKING. Parking can be difficult to find. If you can't find parking you might miss the event!

Note: Although participants are welcome to get together after the event, the event will officially be over at 10:15. Afterwards, at the meeting, participants may chat, meet, eat and plan for a day of caching!!!

I'm sure there will be several muggles nearby who will wonder "What did I just see? What just happened?" (That's part of the fun!)

다음은 Offical list (참여 국가, 참여 주 목록) 입니다.


링크를 따라 가시면 볼수 있습니다.

현재 20개국 37개주가 이벤트를 오픈하였습니다. 많은 참가 신청하시길 바랍니다.
(추후 국내에 많은 캐셔들이 활동을 한다면 국내도 위아래로 오픈해도 괜찮을 듯 싶습니다.)

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