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Event Cache Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall 

Goodbye Summer,

Hello Fall Event

  1. Who:  Everyone

  2. What:  Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Event

  3. Where:  N 37° 33.731  ~  E 126° 56.067 (This is the meeting point and we'll seek shelter for the event).

  4. When:  Saturday, September 20, 2008, 1300 hrs  (rain or shine, we'll leave the area to head to the event location at 1330 hrs)

  5. Why:  Meet and greet old and new faces, plan future MAIN events, geocoin discussion, and public affairs.

  6. How:  Take the Seoul subway line No.2 to Shinchon Station.

Note:  if you're a traveling, visiting, or TDY cacher and need some directions you can email me at nycacher@hotmail.com

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