Hamagun TRV



WHO:  All 

WHAT:  You are invited to Daegu for a gathering of geocachers.  

WHEN:  16 November 2008, Sunday, 10:00 AM till ???  

WHERE:  Across the street from Dong Daegu Rail Station, we'll rendezvous at the donut shop located
 N35° 52.625 - E128° 37.755 from 10:00 AM till 11:11 AM, then depart to Apsan mountain. 
               Apsan Mountain's meeting spot is at 
N35° 49.900 - E128° 35.333.

WHY To meet & greet cachers, discover & trade travel bugs  and geocoins , trade caching 
            stories, and have fun! And we'll conquer Apsan, with cable cart or no cable cart.

  • Please R.S.V.P. by 14 November.
  • If you are choosing to attend, it is important that you use the "will attend option, this will help 
    out on the 
  • To be sure you stay updated with any changes place this event on your watch list .
  • The Military Association of GeoCachers has donated six MAGC Americas 2008 Geocoins  to the 
    event.  Thanks 
    Falcon Loader!
  • If you are arriving a day early and/or you're a traveling, visiting, or TDY cacher and need some
     directions send email.
  • The Red , Green , White , and Yellow  Jeeps will be making an appearance to be 
  • Over one hundred geocoins will be available for discovery.
  • Click here for Daegu City's website.

  We have been in contact with some cachers that are arriving on 15 November, Saturday to cache 
  Daegu.  The meeting place will be at the donut shop located at
 N35° 52.625 - E128° 37.755.  The 
  time has not yet to be determined.  *Feel free to join us.

*Saturday is not part of the event nor will count as participating in the event as 
Event Cache Listing Requirements / Guidelines.



By Newyoker

이번에는 대구에서 하는 이벤트입니다. 아마 지방 이벤트인지라, 부산분들도 뵐수 있지 않을까 기대해봅니다.
이번주 16일 장소는 조금 바뀌어서 대구 컨벤션 센터 앞으로 이전되었습니다. 

GPS 가지지 않은 분들도 참여 가능한 플래쉬몹 이벤트입니다. 
전세계동시간대에 이루어지는 이벤트로 (먼가 거창하다 -_-;) 이벤트 후기는 야후 플리커에서 확인 가능합니다.

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