Hamagun TRV

Where is My Love 이놈 또 한국 왔다. skywyler가 일전에 한국에 들고 간다길레,
no! no! 난 원치 않아. 다른나라 안되? 했더니 난 캘리포니아나 일본 도로 갈껀데, 그럼 다시 나리타에 넣어줘?
하길레 오! 캘리포니아를 줄창 외쳐댔다. 그런데 한국이라니 

왜이렇게 양넘중에 새대가리가 많은거야. ㅡ_ㅡ;

Travel Bug Dog TagOwner: hamagun
Released: Friday, May 02, 2008
Origin: Japan
Use TB21JWK to reference this item.

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Recently Spotted:  In the hands of the owner.

Current GOAL:  world touring. always. maybe i'm married mission is over. i will find u. (this is Copy Travel bug don't worry. i got one)

About this item: SANY0738
This is moving Cache. Plz check log. and last log geocacher is change the log paper. :D maybe u got this TB. couple photo take on me. (upload!) that's in ur self.

Retrieve it from a cache 2/19/2009 hamagun retrieved it from J.W Marriott Travel Bug Hotel South Korea   [visit log]
ahhhhh!!! return back in my hands and gone.

don't come back Korea!

i said!!! if i find my love, i'll get u! (TB)

don't don't don' don' don't!!!!

I'll send you far away.

go to South africa! go!

Dropped off 2/7/2009 skywyler placed it in J.W Marriott Travel Bug Hotel South Korea 1198.8km 
[visit log]
Retrieve it from a cache 1/28/2009 skywyler retrieved it from Narita DuckPond Japan   [visit log]
found in narita, japan. plan on moving it to seoul, korea

Discovered it 1/23/2009 Winny Lee discovered it   [visit log]
I discovered it again in Japan. Nice to meet you again, hamagun.
Dropped off 12/30/2008 cisc placed it in Narita DuckPond Japan 49.8km 
[visit log]
Discovered it 12/13/2008 YONEYAMA discovered it   [visit log]
Discovered at Bonenkai 2008 event!
Retrieve it from a cache 12/13/2008 cisc retrieved it from Bonenkai 2008 Japan   [visit log]
Retrieved at Bonenkai party.
Discovered it 12/13/2008 smalltalk discovered it   [visit log]
Seen this one at year end party 2008.
Thank you for shareing!
Dropped off 12/11/2008 kussy placed it in Bonenkai 2008

다음에 또 오면 그땐 부셔버릴테다. 제발 한국에 오지 말아줘... 2번이나 보냈구만 
오늘 코토코님 캐시 Sky garden은 찾으러 갔지만 캐시가 없었다.

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