Hamagun TRV

released Geocaching Live version 0.99 for the J2ME
platform. (Windows Mobile release will be also published in a couple
of days). 

This is a bugfix release containing fixes for: 기존 버그 수정.

- Fix cache counter refresh 캐시 카운터 표기 문제 해결 (....제대로 안올라갔남..)
// bug described at:

- Offline mode: cache description downloaded only per request
// in offline mode, the cache desctiption is not anymore downloaded

- Negative coordinate display fix 나침반 좌표 표기 문제 해결 (이거 짱났음 -_-) 
// as described at:

- Chat message timestamp fix (set: My live: Settings: Time Zone)
// as described at:

- Keyboard shortcut handling fix (M,Y,Z) for Nokia E71, full german - 노키아 독일판 E71 문제 해결 (나도 몰라) 
QWERTZ keyboard etc
// as described in the entries:

- Search result list clearing - 검색결과 목록 보이지 않던거 고친건가.. -_-; 
// as described here:

- Deletion of POI, distance counter - POI에 대해선 모르겠습니다. 이부분에 대해선 모르겠습니다. 링크타고 보세요 ㅠ_ㅠ
// as described here:

There are also a number of platform (J2ME) related issues that we
consider as bugs but could not address now because the time is not
correct for risky platform related changes.

We hope these fixes issue some of the acute troubles!

What next: we will be continuing the transfer of the project to
Groundspeak's team at Seattle. Once that progresses, I am sure they
will post some words on the future roadmap for the SW.

Happy caching!

-- Jussi & the GC Live team


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